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Global-Mindedness and Action

“The people of the world see each other and can protect each other.”

~ Jason Russel, “Kony 2012”

Joseph Kony has been the hot topic in our car-conversations since last week. At the constant urging of my kids I watched the 30-minute “Kony 2012” video this weekend, produced by filmmaker and activist Jason Russell. Released on the Internet on March 5th, “Kony 2012” has already been watched via YouTube by more than 74,000,000 at this posting. (There are no numbers representing how many times the video has been shared.) This is impressive.

The International Criminal Court indicted Ugandan guerilla group leader Joseph Kony for war crimes and crimes against humanity in 2005. The documentary was made for the group nonprofit Invisible Children, Inc. for the purpose of bringing attention to the mind-blowing and ignored atrocities that have and are said to continue to happen in Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, and Central African Republic, and arresting Kony and bringing abducted children home. (There are reports that Kony is no longer a threat and that his army numbers several hundred.)

Our youth are part of the campaign, demanding justice for the hundreds of thousands of people that Kony and the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) have emotionally and physically maimed or killed, many of them children (over 30,000 of them), who have been kidnapped and forced into becoming sex-slaves (girls) and child soldiers (boys) who have often been forced to kill their parents.

For those of you who may still be unaware of what our youth are rallying around, and the scope and power of social media, watch the embedded video or go here to learn more about the plans.

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A Day of Community Service

At the core of my kids’ education is community service. They enjoy volunteering their service to help others. The majority of their service focuses on our local community and internationally. I appreciate community service because it teaches my kids to care about others and to understand that giving is rewarding in many ways.

Today the community service was their school.  Josi, Aubry, their classmates, teachers, and parents worked all day with a service organization that focuses on uniting people through transforming outdoor spaces.

Despite the heat and humidity, the kids and everyone else made huge impacts on the school campus. Their hard work is evident.  More fencing was installed and a pathway was made through the prairie. Organic gardens were planted. The school Girl Scout troops laid the initial groundwork for an outdoor classroom. A bridge was built, trails mulched, trees planted, and the Peace Garden got its first bones.

We ended the day with icy pops, having run through all of the water, Propel, Gatorade, and copious amounts of snacks. Oh…and a lot of sunscreen.


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