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What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween

Okay. I’ve just gotta share my big announcement here with you. I’ve written an e-guide for adoptive parents, What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween, and it’s now for sale! Yep!  

I felt a strong desire to write What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween because of my work with adoptive parents and personal parenting experience. I saw a need to assist parents with ideas and support when their children are entering adolescence, when questions and emotions tied to having been adopted become more complex.  This e-guide is set up to be proactive, helping to prepare parents to understand and support tweens (ages 6-12) who have been adopted—before they reach this stage, or if they’re already there.

I have been teaching Beyond Tweens & Teens through my website and this e-guide has, in part, evolved from those classes. The guide is something parents can do on their own time or use in a support group. What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween is a terrific tool and resource—providing examples that will resonate with parent and from which they can draw ideas to support and parent their children. 

So, do you know someone who is an adoptive parent or will be? Are you an adoptive parent? What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween can be purchased here. Thanks for helping me spread the news!!

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The Best for You

I received a book from one of my internet colleagues, who happens to part of “the adoption triad.” The Best for You is written in a conversational first voice and from author Kelsey Stewart’s perspective as a birthmother. The Best for You book candidly and warmly speaks to the child who was adopted, answering the questions I have heard my children ask: “Why didn’t she keep me? and “Did she love me?”

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when Aubry sauntered by the kitchen counter and saw the book, backing up to pick it up and ask, “Can I read this?”

This is my child who has felt so much grief.  “Sure, honey,” I said.

The Best for You is written and illustrated for younger children (ages 4-7), but it has merit for the older child as well. Aubry was drawn in by Stewart’s wonderful illustrations. I love the positive message.

My bibliophilic daughter read the story quickly and then went through it more slowly the second time, pausing over the illustrations, touching them and absorbing the message. Aubry’s response? “It’s very good, Mama. She loved her baby and made her choice for her baby. You know, that’s what my birthmother did.”

For those of you, who have adopted, consider ordering a copy. And for those of you who know of someone who has adopted or is in the process, The Best for You will make a wonderful gift. Find out more here.


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