Time Measured in Love

Today is our twentieth (20th) wedding anniversary!

For some reason, we (Mark and I) are kinda giddy about it. In part, because it signifies that we have been married one-third of the amount of years that his parents were (sixty…yes). But mostly because, well, I still love my husband. More than when I married him, and, trust me, I loved him a lot then. (I feel those heads a-noddin’…)

Twenty years is a long time to spend with someone. And if I add in the time we dated, it is most of my (and his) lifetime. Twenty years has flown, because we have measured it in the growth of our family and development of our children, in friendships, and in joy and love.

I pray for another twenty and for continued good health, compassion and empathy, open communication, sharing of dreams, laughter, joy, growing wisdom, appreciation, friendship, and love. We are the role models for our children and others who know us. It is possible.

Happy anniversary, babe!


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