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My, oh my. What wonders my son comes up with, and pulls his youngest sister into.

I received a Tweet from Holden this morning: “’bout to be surprised! …night tweepers.”

His tweet, addressed to me (@MamaMiller, if you want to follow me) made no sense and I forgot about it until I went into the garage to take the kids to school.

Mark was already gone, so he missed my response.

I didn’t swear. I didn’t cry. I just kinda squeaked and squealed, rather loudly. Apparently I was somewhat dramatic; Josi thought I was dying (hmmm…). 

The blue is difficult to see. However, that yellow stands out, like you can see it down the road.

So, I crept down to school in my van (a car everyone seems to know) in the right lane (to avoid exposing myself) on one of our capital city’s busiest streets. I saw people smirking. I watched people shake their heads and appear to commiserate. Of course, the head of our school’s wife pulled up next to me while we waited for the light to change at one of the intersections. She was laughing and rolled down her window. She didn’t have to be told who did the artwork.

I was feeling conflicted—somewhere between dread and amusement. And my day got away from me, as usual, so my van is still covered on all three sides. Most likely baked on by our summer temperatures and sunshine. Tomorrow it will get it washed off, after I slink down to school and back.

Until then, let me say this:

  • If you see me coming, please DON’T HONK if you love Justin Bieber.
  • I do admire Prince; love his genius/creativity and the majority of his music.
  • I appreciate that my son feels compelled to tell everyone I’m the best.
  • Aubry drew the poop coming out of the pig and wrote “poop” underneath—just in case inquiring minds couldn’t figure out what was coming out of the pig…


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