Letting Go

All is quiet. That’s uncommon around here, especially during soccer-track-and-field-lacrosse season.

There is something in the quiet that feels good. It is peace, a restful energy from being centered and “still.”

I am sitting in the quiet, all by myself. I am not moving around in or outside the house attending to the never-ending list of what needs to be attended to.

I’ve given myself the day off. Yep.

Giving myself permission was the first step, the biggest step. The second step was letting go of the guilt I felt about being idle. That took hours and a few phone calls from close girlfriends who know me better than I know myself sometimes, encouraging me to “let it go.” After all, idleness is unheard of unless I’m sick or sleeping. Idleness is a foreign concept to me.

I was out of coffee, so I drove to the local Starbucks in my pajamas this morning (praying I wouldn’t see anyone I knew; I didn’t. Whew!). My kids were floored.

I snuggled back into bed with my coffee and read—something not related to what I teach. Hours later I dressed and took the younger two kids shopping for my Aubry’s upcoming trip. I said “yes” to whatever they wanted. (My kiddos should have asked for more…). They were speechless, which is saying something for my younger two.

I dropped them off and went for an hour-long massage, at the recommendation of one of my friends (thanks Kell). The masseuse had to wake me up. That’s telling, eh?

All is quiet and the need to “do” has been silenced, if only for a day.  It feels refreshing. (I might do it again for Mother’s Day.) Why don’t you try it?


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3 responses to “Letting Go

  1. Good for you! I think that’s entirely important for mental health. Doing nothing is a really good form of self-centering, meditation, and mindfulness. Great example for the kiddos too 🙂 Love it!

  2. I am so glad that you took the time to give yourself a break. I was just thinking tonight that although I love what I do, when I need to unplug, I only have adoption related books laying around.

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