A Thank You Note

To My Kids’ Teachers, Faculty and Staff:

I want to go on record as giving profound thanks to the many educators, faculty and staff who have had, have and will have my kids throughout their lifetimes. I know a number of you read my blog. You know who you are. 🙂

I know I have thanked you countless times for what you give to my kids and also to us, but “Thank you!” seems so inadequate at times. My kids have not only learned  how to learn (and enjoy doing it), but far above and beyond—about how the world and its people function socially, politically, and physically. How to give and do it with purpose and joy.

I want to thank you all for your passion for teaching (“Math is FUN!”) and for focusing on the whole child. You challenge my kids and help them discover what their capabilities are. You teach them to how to think “outside the box” and look for solutions, and how to collaborate with others. How to do what needs doing, and with compassion.

I also want to thank you for embracing and supporting with us as we have become us—an internationally-blended  multiracial family—and understanding that adoption must be considered and included within the context of teaching, school and life. Doing so has helped my kids (and us) feel very confident and proud of who they and who we are.

The African proverb said it well, “It takes a village.” It does indeed and I’m thrilled that you are part of my kids’ and our village.

So, once again, from one grateful mama,

Thank you!


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