At the Beach

The decision to spend time at our beach “home” came late, only several weeks before spring break commenced. Due to the busyness of life, we truly hadn’t put any thought into traveling until then.

The focus has been college. All year→ college.  This school year has been nothing short of intense. I can say that Holden has narrowed down his wonderful options and will likely make his decision as soon as we return home.

In the mean time, we enjoy what is seemingly the last family spring break for years to come. College, primary and secondary school breaks rarely match up. The kids are aware of this…

Me? Well, I alternate between feeling wistful and proud. And I also feel selfish, wanting more time to:

  • Be with my kids, watching them with that fascinating absorption a new parent has, soaking them in and memorizing their interactions with one another in my mind to recall later when I miss him and all of them together—giggling, hunched over a competitive board game (we play a lot of board games), or playing bocce and soccer on the beach.
  • Appreciate their siblingness—how they champion for one another, learn from and teach each other with subtle and not-so-subtle lessons. How they really like and love one another and seek to spend time together. Someday, when Mark and I are gone, they will only have each other and it is important that they understand this.

Parenting is challenging (an understatement) and often we question ourselves about how effective we are at preparing our kids for their futures. But when we have time away from the chaos, time where we can really “listen”—sinking deep into the bosom of our families devoid of all of the “white noise”—hopefully we will see that indeed we are doing alright.



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2 responses to “At the Beach

  1. Beth Mink

    Glad you’re having a great time. You deserve it kid!

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