So What

In our family you never know what’s going to be up for discussion. Any topic is fair game, so Mark and I have learned to be ready to field questions and comments on anything from oral sex to how long farts linger (Aubry’s choice of word) to other varied and interesting observations.

Trust me; we long ago dropped any pretense of being shocked and chose to embrace the openness. In the process we’ve learned a great deal and on occasion laughed so hard we’ve cried. I believe that our kids have learned to speak their minds and express some fascinating perspectives.

The other night we were treated to a number of trailers while we waited for our movie to begin. I’ve simply found it surprising that the movie industry inserts trailers that aren’t necessarily the same rating as the movie you are preparing to watch with your kiddos (hint!).

On came a trailer for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Even as clipped as the trailer was, the sexual overtone was evident. The younger kids missed the innuendo.

Josi didn’t; I could see she was uncomfortable. She shared her discomfort the way most girls her age would, “I think he’s ugly.” (Referring to Mr. Pitt.)  Note: Mama strongly disagrees with her daughter.

And Holden? Well, he planted himself of the couch with his popcorn and offered a resounding, “She’s sooooo HOT!” (Referring to, of course, Ms. Jolie.) Note: Dad very strongly agrees.

Aubry said “Why do people think they’re so special with their kids?”

That was the unexpected.

I didn’t know she knew about the Jolie-Pitt clan. Mark and I don’t discuss or follow celebrities.

“How do you know about their family, hon?”

“I don’t remember, Mama. But, what’s the big deal?”

“Ahhhh… You mean because some of their kids were adopted?”

“Yes. So what… What’s the big deal?”

Oh, my. Out of the mouth of my babe.

“Honey, there are some people who can’t get their heads around a family made up of more than one race or understand why adults adopt a child, especially a child of another race.”

 “It’s not a big deal. They’re like us.”

Indeed they are.  Aubry’s comment made me think of the countless times I’ve been told by well-intentioned people that we are “just like the Jolie-Pitts.”  There are a few differences though: we created our family earlier, we have gazillions of less income, and we are of no interest to the paparazzi.

I really love her perspective that although we are a multiracial family we’re not a big deal. We’re just a  regular kinda family. (Smile.)



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4 responses to “So What

  1. I agree with Judy. I too am glad my kiddos feel so good about who they are and we are! Really good article!

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