Chocolate Sentiments

Well… I succumbed. There’s been a chocolate bar on top of my desk for more than a week. I silently told myself I wouldn’t eat the bar until I froze it because, you know, chocolate tastes even better frozen. I think the reason chocolate tastes better frozen is that it lasts longer on your palate, coating your taste buds in yummy heavenly velvetiness or something like that.

The bar taunted sentimental me with its commemorative over-wrap. You see, the bar was from Holden’s 100 Day Dinner, as in the one hundred day countdown before graduation. Ugh.

In order to eat the bar, I had to open it. And I discovered the serving size was perfect: One Senior with 100 Days until Graduation. It was one of the best chocolate bars I’d ever eaten (aside from not being frozen) because it had 100% of the recommended daily values of hard work, enthusiasm, fun, love, memories, and family and friends.

Savoring the fading rich taste, I read: Dedicated student given love, teaching and guidance by parents, family, teachers, and friends. I guess that summed a lot of it up. Holden’s well-prepared, ready—to graduate, to leave our nest and move forward into the next stage of life, college.


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