Hunkering Down On An Icy Day

I thought I’d take this opportunity to my post my thoughts before “Snowmaggedon, 2011” hits. My kids are off from school today and most likely tomorrow as well. They can’t play outside because they don’t have skates—and they are needed. Every surface is coated with enough ice to skate on. The ice came in during the night and we are waiting for what is supposed to be the second, and far worse, coating of ice to arrive. The sight outside my window is one of beauty and a reminder that conditions are brutal. The landscape has become an icescape.

Homework was completed this morning. My kids have been enjoying the day and the mishaps of landing on their backsides as they repeatedly attempt to maneuver on the icy surfaces. They’ve delighted in spending time with each other and creating homes for their Ugly Dolls and graphic novels.

I hear the wind picking up and ice hitting my window as the day fades into night. I need to get dinner made; just in case. I hope we have power and heat through the night—something we and most take for granted. I think of those who aren’t fortunate enough to have roofs over their heads, much less a warm meals to eat and beds to sleep in, and I am moved to tears. I pray that they are safe and warm as Mother Nature wrecks havoc on this first day of February.



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4 responses to “Hunkering Down On An Icy Day

  1. Just saw a weather report from Indianapolis with emphasis on the ice. We’re even iced in here in New Mexico–temp is now 7 degrees at 9:00 AM with much colder wind chill. We live in a “dip” in the road and road is blocked in both directions with stalled cars. Hubby & daughter both stranded at home, so we may play today too. Stay warm & safe, Judy!

  2. so you don’t want to know that it’s sunny and 65 in Northern CA? oops…

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