On the Radio!

Join me for another “first.” On Monday, January 31st, I will be the guest on TogiNet Radio’s Adoption ~ Journey to Motherhood, hosted by Mary Beth Wells. The show covers topics and issues relevant to adoption: adoptive parents, birth parents, those who have been adopted, foster care, and perhaps for many, infertility. I’m going to talk about the classes I teach and adoptive parent advocacy.

Recently Adoption ~ Journey to Motherhood has showcased open adoption and out-going international adoption (children born in the U.S. adopted by European parents), coping with severe illnesses in children who have been adopted, birth mothers’ stories of relinquishment, and adoption when the child has been abused.

The half-hour show begins at 9:30 AM EST. You can be part of this interactive show by calling in with questions, toll-free, at 877-864-4869. I hope you will tune in!

TogiNet.com is the premiere on-line talk radio production company in the industry, committed to providing excellence in live show production quality podcasts and re-podcast accessibility.  The company’s brick and mortar studio is based in Tyler, TX where the company’s full production staff works to create customized interfaces, live commercials and CD quality sound for over 70 talk radio hosts, in varying genres.  TogiNet Entertainment offers quality shows for serious hosts.

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