Birth Country History and Current Events

How much to filter? We parents are faced with this constantly and even though many of us feel we are good stewards of what our children are exposed to, we still fail, sometimes miserably. I know I’ve had my share of blunders and “Oops!”

I typically watch the news in the mornings. Watching news in the evenings is sometimes the worst way to end a day…

Since we adopted internationally we try to stay abreast of and monitor news and current events about China and Guatemala, the birth countries of three of our four children. China is in the news a lot, Guatemala not so much. To balance the American slant of Chinese news I’ve taken to reading one of the Chinese newspapers, in an attempt to gain another perspective. Fascinating what each country/government focuses on.

With the visit of Chinese President Hu, interestingly on the heels of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, questions and conversation have moved from U.S. civil rights to human rights and policy in China. And that’s a tough one—a painful truth for our family, because in addition to the joy of becoming family, there is profound loss due to a country’s policy. By in large girls in China have been able to be adopted because if the one-child policy and the status of males in Chinese culture. So we explain in developmental age appropriate language and at a level of informing without overwhelming. We’ll continue to monitor and filter. China is our daughters’ birth history and we try to be proactive and present it with truth, respect and an open mind.


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