A Year of Milestones

Sometimes, when I can sit and think about what really is happening among my kids, I have an “Oh, wow!” moment. For me this often rivals an Oprah “Aha!”

2011 is weeks old and promises to be full of milestones:

  •  Holden turns eighteen and heads off to college.
  • Aubry begins her second “cycle of twelve,” the second of five that comprises the sixty-year Chinese zodiac cycle.
  • Greyson enters the double digits.

And Josi, well, she turns into a teen. Thirteen… In Chinese culture thirteen is considered a lucky number because it sounds very much like the word that means “definitely living.” So what else does turning thirteen signify? 

  • Crossing the threshold into adolescence and has moved into the first of the eight years that will complete the second decade of her life.
  • Becoming a member of our church.
  • Peer friendships have become more important.
  • Becoming more interested in Chinese heritage and history, what it means to be Chinese and to have been adopted.
  • Consciously and unconsciously searching for and discovering who she is (identity), what kind of values she will embrace and what compass she will follow.

Gosh, wasn’t it just yesterday that my nine-month old daughter was yelling at the top of her lungs in the Victory Hotel in Guangzhou, China, attempting to draw everyone’s attention as she stood all by herself (again and again and again)?

For those of you who are expecting or have young children, enjoy. Occasionally try to step back from the stress, business and that that needs “doing.” Revel in the gifts that your children are. Heed to the idiom, “Time flies!”


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6 responses to “A Year of Milestones

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  2. Jane Bretl

    That is a bittersweet list, though mostly sweet with treasured milestones.
    I too was given the advice by my wise sister-in-law that the days are long but the years are short. I did not believe it could be true… but now I get it. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy!

  3. Don’t remember the source but, recently heard “The days are long but, the years are short.” I try to remember that everyday as I watch my 3.2 year old grow up.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to take the time to share in our children’s lives.

  4. poignant for me right now. one learning to drive, one starting kindergarten…

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