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Our Seasonal Visitors

They arrived last night—on the heels of subzero temperatures and flurries. Four wee elves. (Sometime after the Colts lost a painful game in overtime to the Cowboys.)

The Christmas season has officially begun, now that the elves are ensconced safely within our home quietly observing the happenings and behavior of the kids and giving Santa daily reports through Christmas Eve.

The elves, heads just peeking out of some of the stockings “hung by the chimney with care” in hopes that Santa will see fit to fill the colorful oversized knits full-to-bursting on Christmas morning, were found by Greyson this morning. He was giddy with happiness over his discovery and immediately soared into his annual “hyper-drive.”

 Perfect! ; )

Only the presence of his elf will help Greyson “maintain” himself and my/our sanity through the holidays. I remember well the feelings: the giddiness, the magic, the sacredness of the season. I am thankful that my mom instilled such a sense of wonder and appreciation in me and kept it going for so any years. ( Junior high. Yep. No need to comment…)

Aubry. That’s another story. She discovered this past summer that the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa don’t exist in the real sense of how we exist. Aubry had left her years of loving fairies, make-believe and dressing up. She was thrilled to be “in on it.” Well, she thought she was… But disappointment lurks as she adjusts to what knowing the truth behind the magic means. Aubry has become a keeper, like the rest of us. A keeper of tradition and the sacred knowledge of that special magic. And because she loves her brother, she will embrace perpetuating the magic for him.

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