The “Family” Project

Aubry and Greyson are often found somewhere by themselves, playing and laughing. A few days ago they were taking “family pictures” and movies of their stuffed “friends” with Aubry’s camera. The “friends,” were a collection of soft stuffed dolls, stuffed animals, Ugly Dolls, and, as my kids have labeled them, “fatsos.” Humor me…

I believe kids-play is quite revealing. In fact experts agree. Observe and you will learn how your child:

• organizes,
• thinks,
• perceives and feels about their world,
• uses words and concepts,
• relates to others—recognizing theirs and others’ feelings, and
• modulates their behavioral.

My two were shooting family pictures and movies of their stuffed families in various places throughout the house and making up stories to go along with their efforts. They shared their creative project with me, giggling and talking over one another in their excitement. The groupings were cute, however I became more fascinated as the word “adoption” became a common thread (just in case you are new to this blog, adoption is part of our family). Except for the family of Ugly dolls, the groupings differed—actually mirroring our family. The parents were often the same type of stuffed toy or of the same color or hue (like Mark and me). The babies never “matched.” The groupings were always all over one another, again similar to us. (We’re a fairly demonstrative crew.)

I asked a few questions about the stuffed families, but my kids didn’t want to talk only create and share. They were onto a new idea—dress Butch and Marley up (our boy kitties). Uh, no success there.


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