Vernacular Trials

I called Holden on his cell.


“Pink,” I responded.

“Uh, yellow? Mom?”

“Purple,” I said, trying again. I wasn’t sure which part of the rainbow I was searching for. 

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“Hi, sweetie! I thought we were playing a new game. You know like the slug-bug thing Josi plays with me. You say a color and I respond…”

“No Mom, I said “hello,”’ said Holden.

“Oh. I could have sworn you said ‘yellow.’  That’s what it sounded like both times. You kinda smeared the word, you know?”


Oh man. How should I respond to this? I chose the next in line…


“Mom! What are you doing?” Holden was exasperated. “I said “all right.”’

“No, you said, ‘aight.’ I could have gone with sixteen, you know eight times two. What do you think?”


I stopped and got to the point of my call, “Sorry honey. Which set of compression shorts do you want me to bring to you?”

“Either is fine.”

Holden had finally ventured back into the English language that I was familiar with. But I couldn’t resist…

“Okay, sweetie. TTYL!” 


Yes, peace…


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