Join Me! Live, Wednesday Evening

Every once in a while I do something new.

This week I’m going to be the guest on MomTV’s Adoption Angles, on Wednesday, August 11, at 9PM EST. I will be talking about adoptive parenting, of course, specifically about parenting tweens and teens who have been adopted.

The program will last roughly an hour and it is an interactive format, so you can ask me questions and comment. Come join me and be part of the conversation! You can bookmark the link above and add it to your calendar…

And would you mind spreading the word? Thanks!

Talk with you on Wednesday!



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3 responses to “Join Me! Live, Wednesday Evening

  1. theinternationalmom

    Yes, the program will be archived. Thanks for asking!

  2. Fantastic Judy! (And I second Linda’s question…)

  3. Judy, will this be available to watch afterward?

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