The Evolution of Clothes

Periodically, I check into my Google Reader and read posts from different bloggers, for entertainment and to keep abreast of news, trends and opinion. My friend and college, Linda Hoye, wrote a post on her evolution of clothes, which triggered a whole host of ideas in my head…One of which was what my kids wear, how they dress, particularly Holden.

What has become a trend among the young men of the hip hop generation, emulating the prison population (no belts or shoestrings to ward off suicide or murder by hanging, use as a weapon, or to advertise easy “access” for other inmates…that’s all I’m going to say…), is the wearing pants and shorts below the butt crack—sometimes below the butt, sometimes belted around the thighs (and when I see young guys struggling to walk dressed like, well, yes, I stop and watch. I want to pull the chair out of the back of my van, sit in it and eat popcorn.) Fascinating and entertaining. And utterly stupid.

Holden doesn’t wear his pants that low, however his pants are rarely above his butt crack. Even with a belt. His friends dress the same and, sad to say, I can tell who these young gentlemen are by glancing at the boxers in plain view. Not an intimacy I’m comfortable with.

Holden went out again last night with his jeans barely covering his rear. They weren’t sagging. A belt wouldn’t have helped. They just didn’t fit. He has outgrown them. Those jeans made it into the laundry this morning. You know, sometimes in the process of doing the laundry things just have a way of disappearing, like t-shirts with less-than-desirable slogans and non-fitting jeans, pants and shorts…




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3 responses to “The Evolution of Clothes

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  2. I see this all the time and it always surprises me. How in the world do they keep them from falling down (I don’t really want to know). It’s funny, silly, and hopefully a passing fad! Love your laundry solution!

    • theinternationalmom

      Laundry was the only solution I could come up with. Nothing else worked. Any other ideas are welcome.

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