Moving Through Nature…

Sometimes the best times are the quiet moments, before the “day timers” of the world are awake and functioning on a sunlit June day. When the birds are chattering and Saturday mowers are parked in the garages of a small river town in southern Indiana. When a small boy can venture out with his uncle, sitting perched on the seat of an antique Schwinn and experience miracle after miracle of nature.

And so it was that Greyson went on a bike ride for several hours with his Uncle Mark. They took in majestic the Wabash that had spilled over her banks from the June rains and flooded the crops of corn. They peddled through “Lightning Bug Woods,” witnessing flutters of butterflies and dragonflies that danced all around them in the humid morning. They rode for miles through the dense lush landscape that is New Harmony and came back to share all of the magic with us, courtesy of technology.

On a peaceful summer morning my son learned that there is beauty in the simple, there is magic in nature. His appreciation springs forth.


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