Movies as Springboards

We took the crew minus Holden, who is away at a week-long leadership program, to see the retelling of The Karate Kid. Josi and one of her friends sat just behind us, letting us know that being “cool” was not sitting with the parents. Aubry snuggled up to me and Greyson cuddled up with Mark.

I didn’t read any of pre-movie hype, so I didn’t realize that the movie was filmed in China with Chinese actors. I only knew that young Mr. Smith was in it. I loved seeing China in motion again and reflecting on our travels there.

Throughout the movie Aubry and I carried on a conversation speaking into each other’s ears so we didn’t disrupt other patrons. I answered questions about China, Chinese culture and shared some information about where the scenes were shot. A series of scenes included the beautiful and spectacular karst landscape, which covers part of Josi’s birth province.

There was a lot more in the film besides China and Chinese culture, like bullying and stereotyping (assuming that someone speaks a language because they are representative of the people who typically speak that language).  I appreciate it when a movie or book can entertain and also be a springboard for discussions of topics that might not be so easy to talk about.



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2 responses to “Movies as Springboards

  1. Hi Judy!
    Love those teachable moments ~ such an opportunity to deepen connections that’s so easy to miss in this fast-paced life!

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