The Everyday Ordinary

Chores. Routine, light duties that are necessary and required within our large and busy family to help keep the home somewhat orderly and clean. Every family member is expected to contribute, pitch in, cooperate. Holden has learned that we will pull him from his torrid social schedule if he doesn’t get his “domestics” done first. 

The kids have been whining for sometime about their chores (repetitive, therefore boring). Rarely do the kids do their chores without major nagging from me.

I attempted to drive home the importance of doing chores, how not doing them affects others, by not doing their laundry one week. Gosh; somehow their dirty laundry didn’t make it into the laundry baskets to be washed. And although the kids did not appreciate wearing dirty uniforms and foul-smelling shin guards, I believe it bothered me more. Love my mother’s guilt…

I think my “teachable moment” was a success. Dirty laundry has since made it the laundry room to be washed on time.  And, yes, I only do laundry one day each week.

So, I mixed up chore assignments to see if that won’t liven things up around here (probably not). I invoked a duty chart reminiscent of my childhood camping experiences, complete with KP duty. Josi, Aubry and Greyson got to choose their chores first and made a chart, be it not enthusiastically. Their chores (two each) will change weekly.

Post Update: The kids have, so far (24 hours later),  enjoyed a switch in chores (fingers crossed). They are learning to do new things as well. Maybe I should have implemented a rotating chore chart earlier…


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