Ugh!!! Another carnival! I don’t like circuses or carnivals—of any kind. Just ask my kids.

In the blogosphere world a carnival is an event hosted by one site asking for submissions from others, the purpose is to drive traffic to and discover the participating sites (including the host site). Typically carnivals are fun to participate in. Sometimes a carnival offers prizes (then I get excited, because I LOVE a contest. Ask my kids…). Sometimes not.

This is sometimes not. Contributors and readers have been asked to submit adoption-themed poetry to the adoption network, Grown in My Heart, to which I am a contributing writer. You can connect through Mr. Linky (I did not come up with the name…).

Okay, I’m in a quandary. First off, I’m not a poet. (I admire poets. I have friends who are poets.) Secondly, I’m a rule follower. (Darn it.) Thirdly, I’m not particularly fond of adoption poetry. I won’t go into why, other than I get kinda squeamish.

So, while I’m figuring out how to solve my dilemma (write a poem), can I ask? Do any of you want to go on over to GIMH and post an original poem? Click here. Or you can post it on your site and link here. Either way works just fine. And know that if you do post, I will read and appreciate you effort.

I’ll keep working on mine and post it later. Promise.

As promised, here is my poem for the carnival (no critique please…)

Soul to Soul
I knew of you.
Your presence whispered.
My soul heard yours.

I held hope,
Then your small warmth
And our breaths moved together.

Our hearts danced in concert,
Slowing to a quiet rhythm as you slept,
In your mother’s arms.



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4 responses to “Carnival!

  1. I’m going to hold you to it, friend! : )

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