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I didn’t even get a “Hi, Mama!” before Aubry asked, “Am I an immigrant?”

Aubry was obviously still excited by the history she had covered that day in class. Gosh, I hadn’t thought about immigration. But now I did. The vision of her old green card floated in my peripheral.

“Yep. You are. Isn’t that cool? Immigrated from China.”

Aubry and Josi received their citizenship with the passage of the Child Citizenship Act on February 27, 2000. This was a BIG DAY for the girls and us (even thought they didn’t realize it and still don’t comprehend the importance of it) and tens of thousands of other adoptive families who fought so long and hard to have their children given automatic citizenship.

“What is that? Am I one?” asked Greyson.

Greyson arrived home in America on a different visa and was awarded automatic citizenship. (I wish the Customs lady in Houston had been a happier person and nicer…)

“An immigrant is a person, or in each of your cases, an infant, who left the country they were born in and went to live in another. So, you are and Josi is as well,” I explained.

“But now I’m an American,” Greyson said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Mama, that’s not right. He’s a Guatemalan-American, just like I’m a Chinese-American. Greyson is Hispanic and I’m Asian. What are you? ”

What am I? Difficult to answer, but I tried, “I’m German, Irish, English, Scotch and I’m sure some other stuff thrown in through time.”

“Oh, Mama. You’re a white lady!”


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