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I don’t know about you, but I have always found the end of the school year to be a race to the finish. I’m worn to the bone; my kids are ready for a break.

I’ve also found the end of the school year bittersweet. My kids have matured in knowledge, self-assurance and independence. They are in the process of growing away from me. And this realization forces me to remind myself that growing away from me, becoming independent, is their job. Helping them, giving them the tools to become independent, well, that’s my job.

And how am I doing? Have I given 100%, like I ask my kids to do, as in, “Give it your best effort.”? Or have I fallen short? Honestly, I’d say I’ve fallen short (but not by much), although my intention has been to give it 100%. Instead of beating myself up over falling short I look for how I can improve.

So, this morning, when another parent asked me, “What are your plans for this summer?”

I responded, “Nothing, other than our annual Pawleys vacation and lots of downtime.”

Summer. Necessary downtime to rest, replenish and refill my well of energy, patience, focus. Appreciated and welcome downtime to be with my kids—my blessings, and to reconnect. Time for my kids to just “be” and enjoy the simple moments.

Time together without the “noise” of life. So important. Time to reinforce the secure bonds of family, so that my kids can indeed find the independence they will need. I can immerse myself in summer 100% and relax (somewhat) knowing that they are, with my help and guidance, building the knowledge and skills to succeed.

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