Cargo Shorts

You gotta love cargo shorts. They’re great for: 

  • Stuffing the wrappers of trash that Mom had asked to be thrown out (meaning in some sort of a proper waste receptacle)
  • Holding gum (preferably chewed with a slightly opened wrapper so that the gum will adhere to the pocket after the shorts are washed and then dried)
  • Coins and wadded dollar bills (Mom’s future spending money)
  • Wilted forgotten dandelions and clover
  • Very cool stones and sticks,
  • Legos
  • Small metal toy cars with rubber tires that pop off
  • Pencils, markers, pens, crayons, chalk

This past Sunday, “Frick and Frack” disappeared during the first fifteen minutes of church. Holden found them in the community room, gorging on doughnuts and playing.

Upon returning to the sanctuary, Greyson said that he and Aubry were playing with his Nintendo DS.

What? How? I had grounded him from playing with it.

Greyson pulled the DS out of the pocket of his plaid cargo shorts. I put my hand out, “Give it to me.”

Sheepishly he did and then, “Mommy, Aubry was playing with hers too!”


“What do you mean?”

Greyson pulled Aubry’s DS from his other pocket. (She was now angry with him since he had “told” on her.)

“Didn’t I tell you were grounded from playing?”

“No.” (Note: Hands were now in the deep cargo pockets to hide crossed fingers when lying to Mom…)

I looked deeper at him, willing him to come clean with me.

“Well, yes, but you didn’t take it away from me!” (Hands out of cargo pockets…)

Oh, please!

The song was over and the service was moving into a prayer. Not the best time to have a life lesson.

“We’ll finish this at home.”


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