Coming Clean About the Tooth Fairy

Aubry lost another tooth. She showed me the molar that she had carefully brushed with toothpaste and polished by rubbing it briskly with tissue.

“Look how shiny and clean it is, Mama. The Tooth Fairy won’t mind touching it since I cleaned it for her.” (How thoughtful.)

And then, “Are you the Tooth Fairy?”

My reign of being the Tooth Fairy came to a close as I sadly admitted that, yes indeed, I had been masquerading as the fairy that visits at night and leaves money in place of the baby teeth.

“I knew it! Just like the Easter Bunny!”

I stressed that with this knowledge comes the responsibility of keeping the “magic” for Greyson, who hopefully has a few years of believing left.

“Do Holden and Josi know?”

I nodded and could see that she was amazed that they had kept their knowledge quiet. I held out my hand, “Do you want to hand it to me and I can give you your money?”

Aubry closed her hand around her tooth, “No, I’m going to out it under my pillow and you can play the Tooth Fairy.”

Off she went to bed and I later slid the payment under her pillow as I secreted her tooth away. I have a feeling that she will play along with me until she loses all of her baby teeth…



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2 responses to “Coming Clean About the Tooth Fairy

  1. Shawna

    smart girl!

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