Out of the Mouth of My Babe

Warning: This might make you laugh. A lot.

Aubry loves science and life and the way everything functions in our magical and miraculous world. So it really wasn’t much of a stretch that she was chomping at the bit the other evening to talk to Mark and me after dinner. She delights in sharing her discoveries.

We had no idea what Aubry wanted to talk about, other than she made it clear that the conversation was to be between just the three of us. She was patient as the other kids finished their meals.

For Aubry, school had been a banner day. She had acquired a wealth of new facts and had further questions.

Although school had sent home a letter outlining what would be discussed, I had forgotten. She is our third child to go through the school sex education program. This year is more specific and detailed since the kids are moving into puberty.

Aubry stood in between us, so excited she couldn’t sit. She kept tapping her fingers together; a trait she has that lets us know her mind is just “flying” with excitement.

We’ve had many “birds and bees” discussions in the past, but either she was to young to remember the details or, in her excited stage, she was glossing over them in order to get to her questions.  Aubry asked me more details about the woman’s period and tampons. I added that she probably didn’t know that it is widely believed that girls are born with  all of their eggs, that as she grew inside her birthmother’s uterus she was developing all of the eggs that she would carry for her lifetime. She found that fascinating.

Aubry addressed Mark, “What about the man? What about the fertilizer, the….the sperm?”

Hesitating only because the terms were new to her, “Are you born with that?”

So Mark explained, quite well actually, how the male equipment works. And then, only as a child can, Aubry asked Mark if it hurts when the man’s penis explodes.

Ahhhh, sometimes it is so hard to stifle laughter, but I did as he went on to explain about love and feelings. Good job, dad!



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2 responses to “Out of the Mouth of My Babe

  1. I’m sitting here in my office laughing. Keeping a straight face through that explanation had to be a challenge. Well done! Again, I am just so impressed with the honesty and openness that you all share with your kids. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

    • theinternationalmom

      Believe me, Susan it was very difficult. I’m so happy she was comfortable in asking. I never would have had the confidence at her age.

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