On Being Apart

I don’t particularly like it when we’re all not under one roof for an extended period of time, especially if I’m the one at home. The energy is different. The house feels less full. And my mind is scattered along with my kids, feeling lost…

So it was that both Holden and Josi were away at out-of-state weekend soccer tournaments and Mark and I weren’t with them because of a commitment we made over eight months ago to help host a wine tasting. Of course, everything fell on the same weekend. That always seems to happen.

Holden came home first, “I missed you, Mama,” and he gave me a big, big hug. While we sat on the porch he filled me in again on his games. I was most interested in the last game, the one in which he was injured and I wasn’t there.

I searched his face and body for remnants of being briefly knocked unconscious by a cleared ball that he had taken to the right side of his head. The ball had hit him so hard he had fallen on the pitch, stood up, and fallen again. His coach had checked him out and they felt he was okay to continue playing. Other than some swelling to the side of his head and covered in cleat marks he seemed fine.

“Mama, you know I’m leaving in a year for college. Are you going to worry all of the time?”

I know he reminds me because he is trying to prepare me…and himself. Yes, I will worry.


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