Adoption in the News

Wow. What a week, with the news of Torry Hansen’s desperate decision hitting the media.  

I again breathe a sigh of relief that the news hasn’t been on in our home and that my younger kids do not have unmonitored internet access or phones. Yep, I’m protective. I have been accused of being overly so at times. So be it. I feel that’s one of my jobs as a mom.

As an adoptive parent, the news this past week has been very distressing, all the more so because it is dissected by many who have no business doing so. I’m all too aware that negative news “sells.”  And, sorry everyone, but typically adoption is framed negatively. I’m tired of it.

I never know when the topic of adoption will be in the news. I want the news—slanted by people who do not have the facts, hashed over by people who don’t understand the complexities of adoption, or examined by people who have no compassion for the parties involved—to be filtered by me. This news affects me and my family. It also affects how people perceive me and my family.

Effective today, the Russian Ministry has called for a suspension on  adoptions by U.S. citizens. This includes waiting families—those parents who are waiting to bring their children home. My heart cries for them and for their children. A suspension would mean that children in Russia will continue to languish in less than desirable living situations, battered by the effects of institutionalization. 

One parent’s decision and actions does not represent the overwhelming majority of adoptive parents and indeed most adoptive families are thriving. Please keep all parties involved in your hearts and pray for an effective and speedy resolution.



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5 responses to “Adoption in the News

  1. Great post. It boggles my mind that one person or a select few can skew the “politics” such that a government feels pressure to stop something that has resulted in so much good for children. I hate to be pessimistic but my guess is that after the hype blows over they will reopen the process because they will realize their country doesn’t care to adopt them but they will add further “fees” to ensure that something bad doesn’t happen. They will get political cachet and more money from foreigners willing to pay to make a child’s life better. They should be paying us.
    By the way, I am currently in Ukraine adopting a 9 year old boy and hoping that their SDA does not close adoptions like Russia. Visiting my son every day in orphanage and if I had to tell him he could not come it would kill him and me and my family. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

    • theinternationalmom

      Hi David,
      Indeed, it will be interesting to see what evolves after the hype dies down. I hope you and your son arrive home soon and safely. Congratulations!

  2. So glad you posted this, Judy. I’m torn up by all that’s happening right now.

  3. This is a deplorable state of affairs. I will pray for the parents waiting for their children, and for children waiting, always waiting. All are being punished for the actions of one. That’s just wrong!

    And, Judy, I don’t believe you are being overprotective. You are merely being sensitive to the unique needs of your unique family. You’re a mom–that’s what moms do! You seem to be so open with your kiddos about their adoptions. You’re a good mom!

  4. Oh no, I was afraid that this would happen. I agree, Judy. Everyone involved needs our prayers.

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