The Importance of Names

We’ve been approved! Yep, it’s official. We’ve been found to be a good home for a three year-old newfie (Newfoundland dog). Given his age, he comes with a name. I assume he is rather attached to that name, but the name has been a matter of discussion since we involved the kids in the decision to rescue him.

Greyson brought the question up the other evening. “Can we change his name? It reminds me of Pokemon.”

“We’re keeping his name. It’s what he knows,” said Mark.

“We can name him something else,” responded Greyson.

“Nope. He keeps his name. We don’t change names,” I added.

“What was my name before you got me?”

“Greyson. We named you. But if we hadn’t we would have kept your name. We did keep your surname and we kept your sisters’ too.” And I explained what a surname is… “Just think, what if you had been named Joe and you knew yourself as Joe? What if we decided we didn’t like Joe and called you Sam?”

“I would be mad because you changed my name,” he said.

“Yes, I think you would and you would feel confused as well. Do you understand, honey?”

“I do. I’m happy his name will be the same. When is he coming home?” Greyson came around the kitchen table and hugged each of us.

(Stay tuned!)



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2 responses to “The Importance of Names

  1. Yay! How exciting for you all!

  2. Take lots of pictures! What a lucky dog to be coming to a family with so much love to give. And, what a valuable lesson for Greyson. You all do such a wonderful job of teaching your kiddos life lessons in the most natural way. I love it!

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