Parenting Your Adopted Child: Tweens, Teens & Beyond Begins Tomorrow!

Spring has arrived and that means that my April class for adoptive parents of tweens and teens begins! I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when we get the ball “rolling.”  

So, what is the class about? In a nutshell, Parenting Your Adopted Child is a six-week e-mail course that focuses on helping adoptive parents support adopted tweens and teens as the entire family navigates the sometimes-tumultuous inner and outer terrain of growing up. The class offers a safe space in which parents can explore, reflect on and discuss the process and other layers of parenting the adopted tween and teen.

By the time adoptive parents are done with the course, they will learn:

  • How to process the losses that are inherent in the adoption process
  • How to openly discuss the topic of adoption with their child
  • How to help their child become emotionally unstuck, if and when this happens
  • How to manage feelings of rejection, guilt and shame
  • How to support their child’s quest for identity and self-esteem 

Now is the time to sign up, if you’ve been thinking about taking the class. There is still room. You can get more information and registration here.

Hope to “see you” in class!



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2 responses to “Parenting Your Adopted Child: Tweens, Teens & Beyond Begins Tomorrow!

  1. I was searching for something practical that could be supportive in dealing with this somewhat emotionally volatile ride our twin daughters we adopted 9 years ago from India/WACAP and are now about 1o 3/4…. I hesitate to say almost 11. Anyway, it seems I missed the class since today marks the over half way through mark. What I hope is that you might do this again and I can join in! I’d like to have the support in learning how to better parent our twin tweenies.

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