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Filling in the Blanks

I didn’t have the correct answer. But that’s nothing new.

Josi asked me about a part of her anatomy the other day in relation to becoming a Chinese woman. I was so glad that she sees herself as Chinese (yes!). This is so important.

Many of the past generation of children who have been adopted transracially struggle with a host of issues (which I won’t go into here other than to say if you’re interested, check out my website). Race, ethnicity and culture were rarely embraced or discussed in their predominately white-parented families.

Raising and parenting a child of another race and culture takes consciousness. Although my kids are my kids, their Asian and Hispanic attributes differ from my Caucasian ones.

So, when Josi inquired about the breasts of Chinese women, “…because you know Mom, I am Chinese,” (Yes!) I had to explain that she was going to differ quite a bit from me. And that’s the truth of it. There is beauty in every flower…


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Coming Clean About the Tooth Fairy

Aubry lost another tooth. She showed me the molar that she had carefully brushed with toothpaste and polished by rubbing it briskly with tissue.

“Look how shiny and clean it is, Mama. The Tooth Fairy won’t mind touching it since I cleaned it for her.” (How thoughtful.)

And then, “Are you the Tooth Fairy?”

My reign of being the Tooth Fairy came to a close as I sadly admitted that, yes indeed, I had been masquerading as the fairy that visits at night and leaves money in place of the baby teeth.

“I knew it! Just like the Easter Bunny!”

I stressed that with this knowledge comes the responsibility of keeping the “magic” for Greyson, who hopefully has a few years of believing left.

“Do Holden and Josi know?”

I nodded and could see that she was amazed that they had kept their knowledge quiet. I held out my hand, “Do you want to hand it to me and I can give you your money?”

Aubry closed her hand around her tooth, “No, I’m going to out it under my pillow and you can play the Tooth Fairy.”

Off she went to bed and I later slid the payment under her pillow as I secreted her tooth away. I have a feeling that she will play along with me until she loses all of her baby teeth…


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Earth Day: What’s Your Footprint?

Happy Earth Day!

My friend, Kim Zook, is my guest today. Kim is the editor of The Motherhood Muse, a literary magazine created to encourage mother writers to rediscover and reconnect with nature through their bodies, minds, and souls. It is a creative writing source that inspires mother writers to share nature’s gifts with children through our actions and messages. Read on and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a free subscription to this inspiring magazine.

The impression of a footprint, both physically and metaphorically, did not truly hit home with me until I held my first daughter’s tiny feet in the palm of my hand. In that moment of feeling her inky soles that just printed themselves on a piece of paper, I began to grasp the realization of how a single pair of footprints can impact one person.

Since that day I often trace my daughter’s footprints with markers on paper, show them how different shoes make different impressions in the ground, and bury their feet and footprints in sand. Footprints may press from within a pregnant belly. Footprints may carry a child from one land to a new one where a family gathers with open arms. But no matter the size and impression of a footprint, one thing holds true for every person’s footprint: it touches the earth in more than one way.

This Earth Day I hope readers of The Motherhood Muse take their love of reading literature about motherhood, nature, cultures, children and more to a higher level. We celebrate the relationship we have with Mother Nature through the sharing of literature about ourselves through the lens of nature, but we may not look to see how our footprints in nature impact the earth.

There are numerous footprint calculators online, but my favorite is at Global Footprint Network. This site asks a variety of questions in an attempt to calculate how much of Earth’s resources one person uses for his or her lifestyle. All too often we find that if everyone lived like us we would need more than one Earth, sometimes several.

I’ve used this calculator more than a handful of times in my life when I’ve had different daily patterns of living: from a hut in a rainforest to a grad student to living in a Japanese high-rise to biking in British Columbia to raising two daughters outside of Washington, D.C. Each time I calculate my footprint I learn the impact of my actions on the Earth as well as on the future of my children.

So this Earth Day I encourage our readers to use this calculator to determine your foot print. If you are brave enough, tell use how many planet earths we would need if we lived like you in the comments! Sadly I am now at the greatest I’ve ever been: if everyone lived like me we would need 5.2 planet Earths.

This calculator is an awesome visual, so pull your children up to the computer with you to do it together and see what you can come up with to reduce your footprint! My goal, besides continuing The Motherhood Muse, is to buy more local produce to reduce the ‘footprint’ of carrying food into my area.

Thank you Judy for hosting us here on your blog today!

  **One person who comments will be chosen by me (Judy) to win a free subscription to the 2010 issues of The Motherhood Muse!

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