Charleston with the Crew

We LOVE Charleston! Although Mark and I visit every so often we haven’t been here with the kids…well, since we had only two. And I remember how hot and humid it was.

Our first stop after the morning’s amazing pillow fight, in which Greyson ended up losing his pants, was to visit Waterfront Park. It was here, when Josi was eighteen months-old, that we came to appreciate just how much liquid a diaper can hold and not explode. She spent much of her afternoon in the fountain, shrieking with delight as she ran through the cold spray.

The day in Charleston was cool and breezy, but sunny. We had a blast. Besides the pier and Waterfront Park, other highlights included walking through the Battery, the gum-covered utility pole by the market, petting and playing with a yellow lab puppy, and shopping (to satisfy Holden).


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