Spring is Here!

In preparation for spring, I cleaned out the kids’ closets and that resulted in bags of clothes that no longer fit. We also threw out and gave away much read and loved books and things that were no longer needed. Ridding ourselves of constraining heavy warm clothing and having less clutter feels good, similar to raking the leaves from the garden beds.

Somehow, over the cold dreary winter that seemed to go on and on, the kids grew…a lot. Aside from the physical growth I see other changes emerging in the areas of organization, planning and preparation, focus, responsibility, and consideration.

Greyson has begun to tell the truth, finally realizing that lying will always have much harsher consequences than any truth he can share.  Aubry is becoming more responsible for her actions and gaining self-confidence. Josi is navigating peer pressure and accepting the nuances of life. Holden is prioritizing, studies first.

All of my kids are in different stages of development. And each of them have their own special timeline, just like the flowers and plants that are busy pushing up from the ground and blooming in the spring sun and warming temperatures. I enjoy and am grateful for all of it.

Happy miraculous spring!


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