A Special Way of Asking

Holden came up with a special way to ask a girl he really likes to his prom.  And what I discovered about my son is that he is confident enough in himself to let his thoughtful and sensitive side shine through.

Alyx attends a different high school and lives in another community. Holden’s plan required detailed planning and help. Assistance would come from her parents, who he met several weeks ago.

Once Holden decided how he was going to ask this young lady to prom, he worked backwards to put everything into play. He was going to ask her at home and success depended on her being away from the house.

We were with Holden when he received a text from her mom over a week after hatching his plan. The first step was in play; Alyx was going out to dinner with her parents. Holden left and promised to take pictures.

While the family was gone, Holden worked in their barn. As agreed, he added the finishing touches right after Alyx’s mom texted him that they were five minutes away.

Holden texted Alyx’s mom that he was ready and then texted Alyx, “Smile.” 

Alyx’s mom sent her to the barn for drinks and as she opened the door she noticed the single candle in front of her and  heard the music over the iPod system. Walking in further, she saw the other candles in the far corner of the barn, her favorite candy—Reese’s Pieces, and Holden.

The candles spelled out a simple request, “Prom?”

And Alyx smiled and said, “Yes!”



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8 responses to “A Special Way of Asking

  1. soooo lovely!! hope they have a fab time…

  2. What a creative and sensitive son you have! I wonder where he got that from?

  3. What a lovely, creative and thoughtful young man!

  4. Karen Caswelch

    Wonderful! Gee, from whom did he get that romantic streak?

  5. Aww! That is spectacular– she’ll remember that question forever! I hope they have a great time 😉

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