The Search for Scents

A deodorant is not a deodorant, or so I’ve discovered in the hours research in the deodorant aisle at the local Target.

I’m not exaggerating.

Years ago I searched with my goat-smelling son for the perfect “manly” deodorant.  Holden found it in Axe and went for the entire product line—body wash, shampoo, spray, and deodorant. You could smell him coming long before you ever saw him. Yes, better than the goat smell, but overwhelming in its own way.

Axe was retired after we had Holden pay for some of the expense (he was going through enough for a soccer team).  Suave now fills his needs just fine and also is easier on my pocketbook.

My second search for the perfect scent was with Josi. She was looking for something entirely different, along fruity. Together we sniffed dozens of offerings, to the point that I was having trouble differentiating between them. I wasn’t convinced that smelling like fruit was in her best interest. I argued:

 “What if some makes a comment about the scent of strawberries?”

 “Are you comfortable telling them that the smell is your deodorant?”

Josi wasn’t comfortable and opted for a scent far more “conservative.”

Ahhhhhh…, then Aubry was begging for deodorant long before she needed it. You see, in our home deodorant is a rite of passage, an indication that you are on your way to becoming a “big person.” Aubry was not as picky as Josi and we got by with about fifteen minutes of research.

Three kids; three different deodorants. Same goes for shampoo and body washes—well, most of the time. Holden, much to his sisters’ dismay, has gone to using whatever is available. So, to Holden’s friends that read my blog, if he smells like citrus or cucumbers or lavender, he’s using the girly stuff again…


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One response to “The Search for Scents

  1. Dear Judy,
    I recently discovered your blog, and I’m really impressed by your eloquent writing and your thoughtful exploration of complex issues of cultural and racial identity.
    All best,
    Deanna Fei

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