He is 16, Going on 17…

Believe it or not, this birthday has me rather emotional.

Holden turning sixteen was…ummmm…tough. He was going to acquire his driver’s license (check), possibly becoming part of teen accident statistics within six months of receiving his license (check), and become even more independent because of the responsibility of driving (check, check).

So, here we are a year later. Part of me beams with quiet pride and another part of me wants to cry. Perhaps it’s because Holden now needs to shave on a regular basis (his man-stubble hurts when I kiss him). Maybe it’s due to the fact that he is making final visits to the colleges and universities on his list, preparing to leave in over a year (I put his graduation date on our calendar last week). Or, it might be that I feel I’m not needed as much as I once was.

But if I pay attention I see that I really am needed and although different, it’s just as wonderful. (The picture is courtesy of Josi…)



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2 responses to “He is 16, Going on 17…

  1. I have a 17 and 19 year old now and can’t believe it! In 2 weeks I’ll have a 13 years old. Time flies.

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