Service to Others

“I like helping people. It feels good.”

Holden arrived home, from his first day of tutoring with one of his classmates (he will do this twice a week for the rest of the semester). They had been assisting middle school teachers in another school district in Math and English. 

I’ve heard Holden say words along these lines for years, but the meaning of helping someone really sunk in when he traveled to Cusco, Peru last March on a medical service trip with parents, teachers and students from his school. Mark and I saw the trip as a life-changing opportunity for him—to deepen his compassion for others and appreciate the scope of humanity. When not helping in the medical clinic, he played soccer or entertained the children by being his silly self.

We continue to see him step up, to offer his services to others. I firmly believe that Holden will always be active in community service and that he will pass this passion to his children.

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