The Yin and Yang of Growing Up

Josi, always the neat nick, has developed sloppy habits over the past months. Her personal space is untidy. Most would see it as neat, but I have noticed a change.

She finds sharing space with her sister less than desirable. Dirty clothes, that once made it immediately into the hamper, lie in a heap. The desk and chair she had to have sit unused, piled with books, papers and other objects not put away. She does her homework in the kitchen.

At her request we put a mirror up on the inside of her closet door (now Holden wants one as well). She checks her appearance before going out of the house. That tells me a lot.

She’s growing up and as she does her interests expand—an iPod, CD’s, books, her collection of containers, scrapbooks, pictures of friends, and trophies and ribbons fill her shelves. I have given into her clutter as long as she keeps her mess to her areas of the room she shares with Aubry. The small space is hers, encroached on by her sister. She is carefully, strategically asserting new independence as she rallies for a room of her own. Space in our home does not allow for her own room yet, perhaps when Holden goes off to college.

And while this all goes on, my previously messy daughter Aubry has evolved into an extremely orderly child, folding her clothes with military preciseness. Organizing her books by subject and preference. Interesting…



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2 responses to “The Yin and Yang of Growing Up

  1. Erika Leaf

    It won’t be long before she is horrified to be mentioned in a blog entry and you will have to find other things to write about or ways to be non-specific about which child you’re talking about! Teens are a lot of fun, but what is ok changes frequently and it’s ever easier to be uncool in their eyes. Enjoy your freedom to blog while you have it! And thanks for writing. It’s fun to read about other adoptive moms’ lives. ~ Erika from Eugene, mom of Becca 19, Jessie, 14, and Ben 8

    • theinternationalmom

      Hi Erika,

      You made me laugh because I know you are so right! At this time they (all four of mine) are fine with what I post, in fact they like to make suggestions. But I’m sure the time will be soon when they might feel otherwise.

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