Keeping the Family Foundation Strong: Parent Vacations

Parents need a break—time away from their kids and the harried pace of life. Mark and I have always put our relationship first, believing that if we are “solid” our family has a good foundation. The two of us are guilty of weekly “dates,” weekends away, and occasional long vacations. Our kids recognize that our time by ourselves is healthy for us and them.

Recently, Mark and I were able to get away; I mean, really go… for six days! No kids, no schedules, no work. Nada!

The kids were excited. They were going to be cared for by a new sitter and, after introducing her to the crew at dinner one night, they (and we) felt she was very capable. Four kids is a lot to manage and, although I tend to lose site of this fact because we’ve grown one child at a time, I am very particular about who stays with my kids for an extended length of time.

We had a wonderful time and our kids did too. Time away lets everyone regroup, reconnect and appreciate that what we all have is special.



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4 responses to “Keeping the Family Foundation Strong: Parent Vacations

  1. Hi Judy –

    We met at the SCN conference. Your post caught my eye. Many of my workshops focus on self-care. Too often we forget to nurture ourselves, especially mothers, and we it really is difficult to take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. Glad you were able to carve out time!

    • theinternationalmom

      Hey Dawn,
      I enjoyed meeting you as well. We often forget ourselves, don’t we? I’m better for my husband and kids when my needs are met.

  2. Wow!
    I am green with envy right now!
    Glad that your husband and you were able to get away and that the kids had some fun away from you!

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