Outside of China thousands of families have been created or expanded through adoption of Chinese infants. But apparently within China there have been and continue to be instances where families have been ripped apart by child traffickers. As more details come forth (some don’t add up), the truths will rise to the surface. China is not unique in trafficking; other countries have had infant and child trafficking as well.

It is difficult not to feel deeply for any parent that could be unwittingly enmeshed within this fiasco. The ramifications could prove heartbreaking for adoptive parents and their children.

And while all of this is being sorted out, what of the discussions with the child who has been adopted, from China, possibly the provinces in question? Adoptive parents are already faced with helping their children work through issues of loss and identity and now they may also find themselves helping their child make sense of something that never should have happened and to resolve the unanswerable question, “Was I one of those babies?”


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