“I Want…”

It was no surprise when Holden shared, with all of us, his plans for his future family one evening (hopefully somewhere in the distant future—say ten or more years), “I want to adopt.”

Out of the mouth of my babe, Holden. (Yes, he is almost seventeen, but my babies will always be my babies no matter how old they are…) He is an example of how adoption transforms the very lives it touches. Adoption impacts families forever, by affecting every member. Within our family adoption is and has been a wonderful way to become a family.

My hope is that all touched by adoption are moved as we have been and continue to be.

Mark and I are proud that Holden understands that family is more than blood and generativity. We feel he appreciates the sacred bonds of family—love, respect, healthy dependence and interdependence, cooperation, consideration, empathy, and compassion. In a family everyone has equal membership, regardless of how they joined—through marriage, birth or adoption.

We do expect that he will find someone to share his dream with him, however right now he should concentrate on getting into college.


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