Have You Seen “Her”?

Out of the blue, sometime after we were well into eating our dinners, Aubry asked Josi, “Do you have a picture of your birth mother?”

The question was directed in a stealth manner—eyes downward, head averted, but loud enough to be heard over the noise of other restaurant patrons.

Josi, equally stealth (because she’d rather not have been asked), replied with a scrunched-up nose, “No.”

Mark and I passed a quick glance back and forth. It wasn’t the time to tackle the question. No more discussion on the matter came forth and we finished celebrating Josi’s birthday.

However, I knew it continued to be on Aubry’s mind, and had been for a very long time. The question, although framed differently, had come up before. I would hear it again soon.

As Aubry sidled up to me to later that evening I took the opportunity to bring “her” up, “Honey, you know you always have a picture of your birth mother with you.”

“I do? You have one?” She was excited.

“Yes. She is in your face, your features. She is beautiful and graceful. Every time you look into the mirror, you see her. She is always with you because she lives through you.”

Aubry responded with a soft thoughtful smile. Her mind was churning this over.

There will be more questions and that’s a good thing.


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