Parenting Adopted Tweens and Teens

Our family is blended—biological and adopted; white, Asian, and Hispanic. Adoption is a family affair, involving and affecting every family member.

Adoption and its issues are life-long. That said, every adoptee and adoptive parent approaches these issues differently.

The adoptive parent needs to be cognizant of these truths as they raise their adopted child.

The most primal emotions can surface when important life events take place—birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, marriage, the birth of a child. Within the adoption community these events are known as triggers. I have come to know this through experience. Although we are simply “just a family” the fact that we adopted impacts us. Although we take it in stride, we realize that issues inherent in adoption need to be talked about; worked through.

Parenting Your Adopted Child is a six-week long e-mail class I developed because I saw the need for adoptive parents to have a vehicle to safely explore, reflect on and discuss the other layers of parenting the adopted tween and teen.

Please join me in class, starting on February 10th. You can find out more and register here.



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