Artistic Perspective

Like most parents I try to encourage my kids to explore the things they’re interested in. Aubry happens to love reading, writing, science, and art.

Aubry has been creating art since she could hold a pencil or use her hands to make pottery. Recently, she decided to render a portrait of me, her first. Hmmmm…

Mark told her he felt it was a great effort and that practice makes perfect. Good advice.



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2 responses to “Artistic Perspective

  1. I love it. Creating a perfect likeness is something that even masters in portraiture never accomplish. ..a child’s perspective conveys the emotion associated with the subject instead (in my opinion). The subject in the portrait (which is the mother, correct?) looks totally reliable (look at the centered pose, hands in lap, comforting and trusting) and even the smile on the face evokes such a sense of peace.

    Cool. I love to interpret my children’s art! Recently, my daughter drew a picture of her Nana (grandmother) with red lipstick, a smile, a purse in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other! 🙂

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