We had our first snow! The roll-it-into-a-snowman kind of snow. And the kids were on it, working in concert to make a wonderful snowman.

Boundaries disappeared as the kids rolled the first ball of snow up and down and back and forth between ours and a neighbor’s yard, trying to control it as it grew  larger and larger until it grew too large to maneuver.

The gigantic snowball was abandoned and the kids turned to something else. What’s playing in the snow without a snowball fight?

As the first snowballs flew, our neighbor (Why does he live in a neighborhood full of kids?) opened his door, “Don’t you guys have a yard?”

Knowing my kids, the looks on their faces were priceless. They kept their comments to themselves until coming home. Coming in with fits of giggles they gave our neighbor a new moniker—Scrooge.



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4 responses to “Scrooged

  1. Sounds just like the Mr. Grumpypants who lived next door to us when my kids were small. Boy, were we glad to finally move away from him!

  2. BornFreeMom

    Your neighbor is hilarious! We just got our first snow as well (a few weeks ago). Have fun!

  3. Seriously–you had enough snow for snowballs?? Poor MaM was scraping the snow together as best she could to make a small pile, which she dubbed a “snow castle”, which was a total stretch. Merry Christmas!

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