Family Participation

I believe moms get the brunt of the emotional junk. Take the other morning; I was the lucky one—twenty-five minutes of Aubry crying and screaming non-stop to school. No coffee. No earplugs. All patience depleted by the time I dropped her off.

This was the result of asking Aubry to take out the recyclables before leaving. How dare me ask my child to participate as a member of the family. Aubry was indignant and then proceeded to go on and on about fairness.

Hmmm…I’ve pointed out, rather often, that things aren’t fair. Life isn’t fair. We do the best we can and go on.

Well, I shared a video clip of her morning behavior later that evening, in front of her daddy (I carry my Flip at all times and recorded at the stop lights). She was speechless. Until then I really don’t think she realized what her meltdowns look like outside of herself and the impact they have on those who love her so deeply. Her apology changed from the cool “sorry” to one full of remorse and action. She realized just how awful her behavior had been and that her response to being asked to do a simple task was out of line. She’s been more helpful, thoughtful and mature since then. Fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “Family Participation

  1. Great idea for all parents. 🙂

  2. Marsha Gaillour

    Hi Judy,

    What a wonderful way to handle Aubry’s behavior. Trust me she will be grateful that she had that lesson. You are such an inspiration. I wish I would have had the wisdom years ago when my children were younger.

    Thanks for sharing

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