A Life Lesson

On a lovely warm, sunny, quiet Saturday afternoon and five days shy of having his driver’s license six months Holden rear-ended another vehicle. Since he hit the car in front of him the assumption was that he was at fault. Well, that was until further investigation…

Things are not always what they seem.

Apparently the gentleman (and I use this term in the loosest way possible since this is a G-rated blog) set my son up to hit him. Fortunately we had a witness who watched the entire incident unfold. We’re still sorting through the claim.

Now, months past this accident, my fears about Holden driving never leave me—especially when I consider the statistics for teen drivers. Among them:

I pray that this accident was Holden’s one and only. It shook him up good and it scared us to pieces. He and his passenger were safe, but I hope they think about safety every single time they get into a car to drive or ride.


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