Bubble Thoughts

Sometimes it takes a lot to get siblings to speak kindly to each other.

Off schedule over the holiday break and cooped up inside due to the rainy cold weather, the kids’ lack of physical activity began to show. Antagonism entered.

Around the table after a meal, another petty argument ensued between my girls. I had Josi and Aubry apologize to each other thinking that would be a step in the right direction. Before I could suggest an activity for them to do together Josi piped up, “She doesn’t mean it. The bubble over her head says something else!”

I didn’t see a bubble. My daughter had me there, “What are you talking about?”

“The bubble over her head…the talk bubble. You know, like in comics,” Josi said and drew an imaginary speech bubble in the air. She was obviously not finished venting at her sister.

I believe my eyebrows made it up to my hairline on that one. She had to be kidding. Now she could read her sister’s mind? (Aubry seemed sincere to me.)

Mark was still at the table and I looked at him. Big mistake; we lost it. Our laughter was contagious and the girls started laughing too. What Josi’s creative mind had conjured up did what I couldn’t do—stop the arguing. Off they went to play air hockey, argument forgotten.


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