It’s the old adage – not if, but when. In adoption it’s not if the BIG questions will come, but when. In our family they typically come up with little warning. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

On the occasions when I think questions will occur, they often don’t.  My kids seem to like the random approach and that’s okay.

Some of the most recent questions were from Greyson, just before we got to school, when it was just the two of us in the car. We were in the drop-off line, “Did you name me?”   

I answered that we did.

He dug a little deeper, “What was my name before you named me?”

“I don’t know. You might have been baby R__ (his birth surname, which is part of his legal name) .  We were told you didn’t have a first name.”  

“I like Greyson.”

“Well, that’s good honey. I’m glad you approve.”

“Was I always going to be that?”

Gosh, what timing, “Honey, we’re here. I can pull up and answer your questions.”

“That’s okay Mommy. I see __. She’s waiting for me. Love you!”

“Love you too, babe! Have a good day!”

Out he went and I watched him meet up with his friend, the conversation out of his mind. I’m sure we’ll talk – not if, but when.


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One response to “When

  1. Wish i could remember all those conversations my parents and I had about my adoption (my memory sucks!). Questions came up a lot & sporadically. I really appreciated my parent’s openness. 🙂 I enjoy reading from an adoptive mother’s side. Makes me wonder how it was for my mom when i was growing up. Thanks for sharing!
    Your kids are beautiful.

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